Changes in the rules for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Changes in the rules for obtaining Turkish citizenship

The Turkish government has changed the guidelines for implementing the law on citizenship for investment.

In case of shared ownership of real estate, it is IMPOSSIBLE to apply for citizenship. According to the new rules, if the applicant shares ownership rights with another individual or legal entity through a title deed, he/she cannot apply for Turkish citizenship based on the ownership of the real estate in question. The title deed must be in the name of one natural person. In case the ownership rights of one property have been transferred from several owners (sellers) to one foreign person (buyer), the new owner will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship, as he has full ownership rights.

There are no restrictions on the number or type of real estate to be acquired. To participate in the Turkish citizenship program, foreigners will have to apply with one or more of the following real estate options: residential, commercial, land or farms with a total sales price of at least $400,000. Previously, more than one prior contract of sale was accepted for properties meeting the minimum sale amount. However, now, the minimum purchase amount must be formalized by a single notarized deed of promise to sell. With more than one preliminary contract of sale, an application for Turkish citizenship CANNOT be submitted.

In addition, a timeshare property cannot be an object on the basis of which one can apply for Turkish citizenship for investment.

These amendments entered into force on January 1, 2023.

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