Earlier, homebuyers used to choose ready properties over under-construction ones majorly to avoid possession delays. However, nowadays homebuyers can freely choose an under-construction property as long as they are working with a professional Real Estate Company.

Advantages Of Buying Under Construction Property

In Alanya, 80% of the apartments sold are under construction. Sometimes it is sold out even before starting the project. Most of the companies deliver the Title Deed after 50% of payment.
Immopro Turkeys’ professional team will advise you to get the best offer and choose the right one regarding your expectations as there are many under construction projects..We are selling from 5 to 10 apartments on line per month. We know exactly how to close a profitable deal for you. Immopro Turkey will regularly send you videos and photos of the construction so you can see the evolution of your property.

We send you the price list, show the property, land, and environment around the building and explain everything related to the product.

Why Under Construction?

Here are 5 reasons to buy under construction property instead of a ready one

Lower Prices
The difference in pricing between a possession-ready property and under-construction property can vary from 20 to 30%. Provided that the location, property area, property type, and builder are the same. Though you would have to wait to move into or rent out your new property, the price difference will surely be worth the wait.

Higher Price Appreciation Rate
As the construction of a property progresses, its price increases too. Moreover, during this period, the development in the surrounding infrastructure also adds to the value of a property. This is why buying a property in its as nascent stage as possible is a wise decision. Though the price of a ready property increases too, the rate of increase may be slower and the returns lesser.

Flexibility of Payments
In the case of a ready property, the buyer has to pay the entire amount at once or within a short interval. But in the case of an under-construction property, there’s much more payment flexibility. The buyer can book a property by paying the token amount and pay the rest comfortably over a long period of time (until the construction completes) without interest.

New Construction
When the construction of an under-construction property completes, you move into a brand-new home with no maintenance problems and long life. Moreover, you get to enjoy the latest amenities and facilities available in the market. In the case of ready properties, the home buying experience may be tarnished if the construction is old.

Being ready-to-move-in is the key differentiator for ready properties. The reason why you would hardly find any offers on them. On the other hand, you can easily find a variety of schemes and plans on under-construction properties.