Buying a property in Turkey is very similar but much easier than in many other European countries. A deposit is paid due upon contract signing and final payment is given in connection with the transfer of title deeds. The Immopro Turkey team will handle everything step by step together with you.


When you have decided to go ahead with the purchase of your dream home, Immopro Turkeys’ agents will prepare a sales contract in your language and in Turkish and a deposit has to be paid.
Once all parties have signed the contract and the payment of the deposit is made, the contract becomes binding.
Deposit amount can vary from property to property but usually, 5.000€ or equivalent amount will be an acceptable amount to sign the contract.
All necessary information about the property and bank account details of the SELLER will be in the sales contract to complete the payment.
Immopro Turkey Real Estate agents will help you to go through the terms of the contract before signing it.


The required documents:

1- Your passport and passport photocopy
2- 2 photos in passport size
3- Bank account in a Turkish bank
4- Turkish tax number

Any foreigner who intends to purchase a property in Turkey must get a tax number. It is a very easy process. Immopro Turkey Real Estate agents will get it rapidly on your behalf.


Required documents to get a bank account in Turkey.

1-Passport Copy
2-Tax number
3-Passports’ notarized translation (Usually in Alanya, if your passport is in Latin Alphabet, translation is not required)
4- Your address document ( If your address is not available on your passport, please bring with you an electricity or water bill from your country)

Immopro Turkey agents will assist you at the bank in opening your account.


1– Apply for Tapu (Land Registration Office)
2- Pay legal taxes
3- Sign the act

Congratulations, you are officially an owner in Turkey.

Immopro Turkey Real Estate team will assist you during the Title Deed process. But our job is not finished yet. We help you with:

– Furniture purchase with complete follow-up.
– White goods purchase (Electronic devices such as fridge, air conditioner, etc.. )
– Insurances