Resident Permit In Turkey

As Immopro Turkey we handle the whole Resident Permit process for our clients without charge. Foreigners who intend to extend their stay in Turkey beyond the time limit specified in their visa, those who require a visa exemption or intend to stay for more than ninety days must obtain a residence permit.

Short-Term Residence Permit For Foreigners
For short-term residence permits, foreigners who own real estate in Turkey or intend to establish a business or make business connections in Turkey must submit the following documents to the relevant Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü) once an application is submitted through the e-residence system. (

Short-term residence permits are issued for a maximum of two years as a principle. However, foreigners who intend to invest in Turkey in amounts and scopes attested by the Council of Ministers, along with their spouse and children, maybe granted a five-year short-term residence permit. Furthermore, these investors may apply for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship or a long-term residence permit.
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Title Deed – TAPU

The Title Deed is named TAPU in Turkey. It is the legal document showing that you own all rights to the property. The owner’s full name, photograph, and detailed information are shown in this document.

Once the purchasing process is over Immopro team will apply for the Title Deed process, which is usually completed within one week.
We need only your passport and notarized translation (if needed).

The Title Deed is provided and registered in the Land Registry Office in the location of your property. The title deed is archived here and must be sealed with a stamp. While applying for your title deed, you must come in person (or the person that you assigned with the power of attorney) to the Land Registry Office with the seller of the property. Also, there will be an official sworn translator once the purchasing process of the property is finished, you become an owner and have all rights to your property in Turkey.

Immopro Turkey Real Estate team will help you with all the necessary documents needed for obtaining your title deed. It will be a smooth and easy process.

Power Of Attorney

The power of attorney is a legal document that provides authorization to act on another’s behalf. If you are not able to attend to the Title Deed process you can give power of attorney to our Managing partner who will handle the whole process on your behalf.

The power of attorney must be signed in either a notary office in Turkey or it can be granted in a Turkish consulate in any country. To get the power of attorney abroad you must contact the Turkish consulate. They will assign you a sworn translator and give an appointment.

If the customer provides the power of attorney to us, Immopro Turkey Real Estate, we can handle all the paperwork and get the title deed (Tapu) from the Tapu office in our customer’s name and save the client from spending unnecessary time and money for traveling to Turkey. The power of attorney is needed in all official offices and if you do not have any trustworthy person in Turkey, the Immopro Turkey Real Estate team will help you also in this matter.
Thanks to this document Immopro Turkey Real Estate Team will also handle utility subscriptions such as electricity, water, internet, etc.

The power of attorney can be valid as much as the granter wants, but it must be stated in the document.