Frequently Asked Questions

There are many foreigners who would like to purchase a property in Turkey and they have so many question marks in their head.Please find below frequently asked questions which will help you in purchasing a property in Turkey

As a foreigner, you have to belong to any of the nationalities that have reciprocal rights and you can buy a property in Turkey.

You can get a residence permit for one year in Turkey after applying with all the necessary documents.A foreigner can purchase a property in Turkey without a residence permit.

The properties located in military zones or zones of historical importance, forest zones and primary agricultural lands can not be purchased.

Yes, companies can also purchase property in Turkey.

Definitely, there are no restrictions on the number of properties you can purchase in Turkey.

The prices of brand new properties are set by the developer. You would pay the same price with whoever you buy your property through, either directly or through a third party. Better to buy with us as we can get even a better deal for you.

According to Turkish laws only construction companies and state authorized real estate agencies can sell a property.

We are professionals that help you with purchasing your property. Immopro Turkey Real Estate is a licensed and experienced company that knows the market and legal procedures perfectly to provide you with a smooth and easy process. We will help you to get the best deal and the right property and guide you through all steps of the purchasing process.

Immopro Turkeys’ agents are international. Our main languages are French, German, Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and of course Turkish. We will be your strong partner during the whole legal process. Once you have your title deed we help with, furniture, white goods, utility subscriptions such as electricity, water, internet.

To learn the language is completely up to you. In the Alanya and Antalya region, the main languages are widely spoken. You will always find many people speaking your language.

Turkish health care works with three different types of hospitals: public hospitals, university hospitals, and private clinics. Public as well as private hospitals fulfill international standards in relation to equipment quality and specialist knowledge. Most hospitals have agreements with international insurance companies. And in most hospitals, several languages are spoken.

TAPU is the Turkish name of the title deed, which is a legal document showing that you own the property shown on the document.

There are many international banks in the Alanya and Antalya region such as Hscb and Fortis, but also Turkish banks with offices in Europe such as Ziraat, Is Bank, Garanti, Akbank.

Definitely, foreigners can loan money from Turkish banks. As Immopro turkey Real Estate Company, we cooperate with several banks and help you to get a mortgage for your purchase.

Please visit our Buying Property in Turkey section.

Approximately one week.

It is a very easy process. You can ensure your property from any insurance company giving the photocopy of your title deed and passport. Immopro Turkeys’ agents will handle it on your behalf.

According to Turkish laws, you do not have to pay capital gain tax if you sell your property after 5 years of ownership.

Definitely, you can rent out your property. You must pay a tax on rent (approximately 12 % a year) if you rent out your property.

This document is given by the local authority and proves that the property has received all necessary approvals that the building is used for residential purposes and is allowed to live there permanently.